September 19-21, 2017
Fairmont Dallas, Dallas, TX

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The Finance Transformation Forum is where CFOs and Finance Directors meet to share best practices and solutions to common challenges. Take a glance at the caliber of attendees who attended the last Summit, many of whom you’ll meet on the show floor this time around.

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Thomson Reuters on Bridging Customer Experience and Business Experience

Alan Bronowicz, Head of Business Process Management, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters, and speaker at the Finance Transformation Summit, talks about using standardization and automation to create predictable, consistent customer experience.

Thomson Reuters on Millennials & the Future

Millennials are taking over in the workplace... and Thomson Reuters says that's a good thing. According to the company's Head of Business Process Management, Financial & Risk, Alan Bronowicz, millennials espouse a growing trend in business: they want to bring the consumer experience into the business experience.

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Keep Calm and Carry On - Brexit is Not the End of the World

Brexit’s implications for the world economy are historic and will be a topic of intense scrutiny for years to come, as the global finance community grapples with the changes. One thing is clear; tabloid panic about how the move would “destroy” London as a financial hub or “doom” the European Union is neither constructive nor accurate. It pays to take a stiff-upper-lip approach and examine the lay of the land with a clear head.

What Finance Pioneers Are Doing to Drive Value into The Business (and What's Working)

Shared Services finance leaders are finding themselves at a watershed moment. With the past characterized by transactional efficiency and the future by knowledge driven value-add, now is the time to be proactive.

As always, there are the pioneers among us who are blazing a path into the future. We have reviewed some of the most impressive examples to date, to identify how and where these pioneers are making a difference. Here are seven areas that offer real opportunities for change – and 5 leaders who are not afraid to break the mold.

[Infographic] Have You Failed to Ask the Right Questions?

View the exclusive interactive infographic outlining common inefficiencies in finance centers.

Before you can work solutions to your problems, you have to know where you stand. We’ve outlined what you should be focusing on in this interactive infographic. This is no abstract thought experiment, all of your issues interplay and compound across your enterprise.


10 Reasons Why Transformations Succeed

In this custom infographic, we share the 10 most important reasons that transformations succeed: Executive Sponsorship, Strong Communication, and Change Management.

Top 7 Reasons to Attend

Discover the seven ways we'll present a "how to" approach to address the challenges and opportunities of executing transformation and adding strategic value to the business, keeping change management top of mind all along the way.

Creating a Culture of Success

Culture is a living, breathing entity. It’s not an organism, but it’s alive in your organization and manifests itself from your C-suite on down. It requires attention, time and careful consideration and if it isn’t properly sustained it will infiltrate your business and slowly cost you time and money. It doesn’t have to. Download the infographic for industry statistics on strategies for utilizing company culture to benefit your organization as a whole.


SSON’s Annual State of the Shared Services Industry Report

With much of the discussion around Shared Services evolution hinging on new opportunities that have presented themselves in recent history, SSON recently canvassed its members to find out how they were positioning themselves to become more relevant and offer better service in the coming years.
In this exclusive 40 page report we are pleased to share with you an overview of how North American based Shared Services have
responded to our questions.

What Everybody Needs to Know About Robotic Process Automation

Finding the next low cost offshoring destination before everyone else is an outdated method of working. There is no such thing as a “best kept secret” – by the time an offshore location is mature enough to support your business the word is already out, prices begin to rise and the whole cycle moves on somewhere else1. Add to this wage inflation overseas, foreign currency exposure and the benefit of offshoring dramatically loses appeal.

Organizations must realize that simply moving time zone and reducing costs with a low cost workforce is no longer an option. So what is the alternative? Can you really reduce costs, and maintain or improve the quality of processes at the same time?

Creating a Leaner Accounts Payable (AP) Organization

With increasing pressure of cost reduction and spend management, enterprises today seek innovative approaches that can transform their AP function and create a leaner AP organization that is efficient, scalable, agile, and delivers business outcomes. This report explains the concept of a learner AP organization and identifies various levers that can be utilized to achieve it. An Everest Group Whitepaper.

Convergence of Finance & Accounting, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management Functions

Mature organizations are increasingly moving away from the traditional approach from structuring their teams around individual functions and assigning operational objectives to them. This viewpoint illustrates the shift in the perception of organizations, its impact on business processes (F&A, procurement, and SCM) and implications on the BPO industry. An Everest Group Whitepaper.

Technology Innovation for Finance Transformation

Technology plays a major role in successful finance transformations. Old technologies handcuff companies to old ways of doing business, while adopting new technologies can provide major benefits. The first part of this report features insights from industry executives discussing which technologies they think will have the biggest impact on finance. Next, an expert goes into greater detail on automated controls and cloud computing.


From Decentralized Processes to F&A SSC to Global Financial Services – MWV’s Journey & Best Practices

Brian Burcham, VP, Global Shared Financial Services at MeadWestvaco and Dennis Winkler, Director at Alsbridge, describe their company merger, outsourcing and globalization.

Employees: Your Greatest Asset or Your Biggest Risk?

Charanjit Singh, Director of Accounting at Ontario Power Generation, discusses the single-function financial services model, which was selected to reflect current OPG realities. Shared Financial Services (SFS) is a single-function shared services center within Finance reporting to CFO with strong cross-functional working relationships with other business units.

Sony Electronics: The Basics of Finance, Accounting & Treasury Transformation

Craig W. Logan, VP Procurement, at Sony shares how to orchestrate a successful treasury & finance/accounting partnership in this past presentation. First plan your cash flow more effectively, then integrate control and efficiencies more effectively into the AP processes and systems. What happens next? Download to find out ...

Directing a Global ERP Application Roll-Out - A Case Study

Leonard Williams - CFO & EVP - Finance and Management Services at Pact discusses what he learned during a global ERP application roll-out: Dedicate a project manager, backfill key 'SME' roles, and more ...

Optimizing the Last Mile of Finance

A trio of presentations from Trintech, KPMG and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group about the last mile of finance transformation.


Designing a Process Framework from the Top Down

Rajan Nagarajan, VP, Business Process Excellence, Kraft Foods Group, blows the lid off the “outsourcing as a process solution” myth, and explains why he believes that true process excellence can only be achieved through end-to-end enterprise integration – and what that means.

Intelligence-in-action: How Microsoft uses finance for business decisions

Christian Berg is the Chief of Staff for North American Finance at Microsoft. In this interview, he discusses some of the leading solutions and user-friendly analysis tools he uses in his role, which encompasses numerous directives. Chief among them include managing finance and business projects, supporting core finance rhythms and managing the team's people topics, e.g. training and development, career development and culture and climate. 


The 10 Keys to Agile Finance Shared Services

How do you develop the financial agility you need to react to change? How do you make Finance more responsive to operational shifts? One of the core themes in shared services delivery today is “agility." With businesses experiencing financial pressures across the globe and budgets in a state of flux, simply following the traditional Finance Shared Services trajectory won’t cut it any longer. The challenge today is to not only do more with less – but to do it smarter and faster. If you are not sure where to start, we have summarized 10 important features of an agile service center for you.


Moving Finance from Data and Reporting to Analytics and Results

Todd Dooley, VP of Finance with H&R Block, shares his experiences leading finance transformations at Fortune 1000 companies. He touches on the fundamental building blocks of transformations, the role analytics play, and moving Finance teams from data and reporting to analytics and results.

Take Your GBS Performance to the Next Level

Honorio Padron, a Principal and Global Practice Leader with The Hackett Group, will lead a workshop at the Finance Transformation Forum about taking your Global Business Services performance to the next level. In this podcast, he goes into detail on that topic as well top quartile metrics and end-to-end process management.